What is "DOARA"?

"DOARA" is an intelligent communication terminal device. it is installed in transportations and judges an emergency situation or traffic accident occurring while driving. In that case, it transmits information such as video, voice, speed and time before and after the time of accident automatically to the storage or the cloud server and saves the information through mobile communication networks.

The transmitted information including videos is provided to the DOARA monitoring dashboard and the DOARA dedicated app.

DOARA has an emergency call button, so you can request for help immediately from a third party dispatch service provider in case of an accident or an emergency. You can also watch the information about video of the accident, voice, time, and speed again during post-accident adjustment after the accident. 


DOARA Dedicated Monitoring System

We offer the monitoring solution by using DOARA for our customers, and we operate our control system on behalf of customers too.

You can monitor real-time video, audio, location information and processing of the relevant vehicle in the Doara Monitoring Dashboard.

Through the real-time monitoring screen of the control center, it is possible to respond promptly and accurately in the event of an accident or an emergency. In addition, the data and evidence that required to deal with accidents and events are automatically stored on the data server to prevent data loss.

DOARA control system is not only able to reduce the economic loss of businesses, public institutions and countries, by extension, it can also save social costs.


DOARA Application

DOARA provides dedicated app for users.

The users can check the location of their vehicles and real-time videos via dedicated Doara app anytime, anywhere. Also, they can quickly request assistance from a third party at urgent situations such as emergencies and crimes through the DOARA dedicated app. In addition, they can receive detailed information about location, video, voice, time, and speed. 

* If a third party checks the information or real-time video, in case of emergency call and event situations, check message sent to the user's app.


DOARA Dedicated Application Download

You can download Doara dedicated apps on Google Play and App Store.